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Former Member
Dec 28, 2012 at 01:28 PM

SDN Rules of Engagement


Hello All,

I have been in SDN Forums for just 2 to 3 years. Based on my experience, I thought of having this open discussion with all the SDN members. I have read many times SDN Rules of Engagement ( Based on that, I had something in my mind. Just I want to share those with all & I want all of your feedback in this.

Within these 2 to 3 years experience with SDN, I could see lots of improvements in using SDN forum in terms of features, look & feel, innovative ways to show yourself to the world. But still, there are some drawbacks in using the forum.

I could see many repeated threads on same topic. Including me (sometimes), many people tend to open new thread for the same queries instead of searching in the forum. I think (hope), this could be because of urgency to solve the problem or the people's laziness to search.

So I am here suggesting some idea which can help Forum Moderators or people who coordinating SDN forums to implement in the future.

Once anyone clicks on Open New Thread with question, following options

  1. Same like raising OSS Message to SAP
    • Type an Question to Search
    • Let system show the appropriate threads
    • If the answers are not appropriate, then he can open new thread
  2. Before opening new thread
    • He / She should mention the links which he referred
    • What was the difference between his expected answer & the answers given in the attached links

Also I am looking forward something like how to avoid What is What kinds of question. These can be avoided by searching SAP Help link.