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Dec 28, 2012 at 11:25 AM

Pricing error: Mandatory condition APLB is missing


Hi every one, could you please give me solution to the below error, i got this one while i was doing inquiry in sap sd at after entering material and quantity, system displaying this error, i had tried many ways to solve this one, still showing same error

Pricing error: Mandatory condition APLB is missing

Message no. V1801


The obligatory condition APLB does not exist. The document is therefore considered to be incomplete from the point of view of pricing.

The cause can be, for example, that a condition record does not exist for condition APLB or that a field overflow has occurred when the condition rate was calculated.


Check why the condition could not be found. Use the pricing analysis function on the pricing screen to do this. If necessary, add the missing condition manually to the document.

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