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Aug 02, 2005 at 12:20 PM

Implement my own password field


I have implemented my own "password" field.

I catch the before_action of the et_KEY_DOWN event, check for the delete and backspace, displays an '*' or clears the field and bubbleevent is false.

my code is below.

If pVal.CharPressed = 8 Or pVal.CharPressed = 46 Then

pincode = ""

oApp.Forms.Item(FormUID).Items.Item "pincode").Specific.string = ""


oApp.Forms.Item(FormUID).Items.Item"pincode").Specific.string += "*"

pincode += Chr(pVal.CharPressed)

End If

BubbleEvents = False

My problem is that the cursor stays at the beginning of my field.

How can I move it to the end of this field.