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Dec 27, 2012 at 02:18 PM

Posting GI for reservation from WM-HUM location without batches defined



We need to supply production storage location B from warehouse storage location A. Both locations are on the same plant

Storage location A: IM managed stocks

Storage location B: WM-HUM managed stocks


- Production planner on location B creates reservation for raw materials (trans. MB21, movement type 311)

- Warehouse manager on location A opens reservation in transaction MB26 (picking for reservation) and posts GI for this reservation. Because the raw materials will be issued from WM-HUM storage location, no material document is actually posted in MB26, but the delivery (type HOD) is created instead. This delivery is later picked and packed in WM-HUM, and GI is posted finally.

The question:

Transaction MB26 itself requires to enter batches for all batch-managed materials (if batch missing, error message M7-018). We could do this (button "Assign batches") in MB26, but we do not want batches to be entered in MB26 and consequently transferred to HOD type delivery. We would like to assign batches at the WM transfer order creation level and thus use the WM strategy + user exit on storage type level to include some specific requirements of this particular warehouse. We would like to avoid batch determination on MM level in transaction MB26.

I would appreciate if anybody would know how to do this.

Thanks in advance,