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Dec 27, 2012 at 12:38 PM

Identify Stock of GR



I have a business scenario where

Stock Is Procured both Externally and Inhouse,

For Externally Procured Goods. During GR Against PO... stock will be posted to Quality and then using Transfer Posting Stock will be moved to Quality to Un resc 321 mvt type...

Now we want to Print Barcode lable using GR Material Document which contains PO no ,Mat no and Quantity ( Data Fetched from MSEG table ) and Serial Number < will be generated using custom Program> these are maintained in Ztable .

Now my question is I have done GR for 100 into Quality , I cleared 80 from quality to unrestricted using transfer posting which generate material doc

Now My Stock is

Un restricted Quality Ins

80 20

Now only those cleared quality barcode and label will be printed. But if I print label by GR Material Doc my Material quantity will be 100.

But actually unrestricted is 80.

If I print label by making use of Material Document generated during transfer posting ill get exact quantity to be printed but cannot link the materials to a Particular PO or GR.

How can I get correct quantity and also which material belongs to which PO.