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Dec 27, 2012 at 09:56 AM

Unable to Reverse FI Document in T.code FB08


Dear Friends,

PO,MIGO,MIRO and FI Documents were created.

Miro was reversed using T.code MR8M.

Now, to clear FI Documents, I am using T.code FB08, I am getting the following error.

Not possible to reverse the document in financial accounting

Message no. F5673


Document '1600008208' in company code '3500' should be reversed. However, this document was not posted in the Financial Accounting module, RMRP is, rather, of type ''.

System Response

Documents which were not originally posted in Financial Accounting also cannot be reversed in Financial Accounting.


Reverse the original transaction. You can display the original document from the FI document via 'Environment' -> 'Original doc.'.

Here, it gives the message, Reverse the original transaction.

Using MR8M, I have reversed Miro document. But still I am unable to clear FI Documents.

Please suggest.