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Former Member
Dec 27, 2012 at 10:09 AM

Strange Issue with Interface after transporting the objects to new client


Hi all,

I have recently moved an interface to a new PI box (both run PI 7.3) that involves a BPM and a synchronous call back and forth to webservice.

After the transport, the interface started failing in the call back adapter step (response ) of the synchronous SOAP call. with an error log

" No Fault mapping , Mapping program is not available in runtime cache: Object ID "

The interface was running without any Fault mapping prior to this ( in the old box) and because of this error message, I was forced to go about creating a Fault message mapping but I could not succeeed as we did not have the Fault message types ready .

But as per my understanding , in case of a SOAP synchronous call, the Webservice provider has to provide as with a schema for FAult message type wrapped in the WSDL but our Webservices team has no idea about the Fault message concept and they can't provide us with one..

In that case, I am looking for an alternative .. and I am left open with these questions

Is there a manual way to create dummy fault message types ?

Even if we create one , will it have an effect in runtime ?

Is it mandatory for any synchronous SOAP call to have a fault mapping set up ?