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Dec 27, 2012 at 09:41 AM

DTP Magic Behavior


Hi All,

We are facing a magic behavior with DTP.

Some lights:

1.DTP is full load only (nearly 90,000 records)

2.Source is DSO and Target is DSO.In between these we have written look up code in the END routine for one field,say dept from another DSO.

Scenario 1:

When we run DTP for the first time, the look up field is filling with data for some records only and rest of the records came empty(for the dept) even the data is present in the look up DSO. i.e for some datapackages the code is not executing.

When we run the same DTP for second time,for all the records dept is populated.

Scenario 2:So we changed the parallel process to Sequence then its working fine.But its not the better practice.

Why the code is not executing for all Datapackages when we keep parallel ?

Note:In the debugging , its getting populated even first time also.