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Dec 27, 2012 at 03:45 AM

InputField validation


Hi Experts,

I have one input field which is bounded to an attribute. Also a simple type(decimal with exactly two decimals) is assigned to that attribute.

Now when user enters 123.12 and on click of any action , it is working fine.

If user gives 123.123 then on click of any action , webdynpro standard validation erro message is coming and no action performed. This is also correct.

But when I set the value from the code(set Attribute), it is taking any value and on any action , I am not getting, webdynpro standard error message at all. and action is perofrming.

As an example, if a set the value(to that attribute), as 123.123 from the code, then on action , I am not getting webdynpro standard message and also action is performing without any validation.

Can anyone please let me know why validation is not happening if we set the value from the code.