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Dec 26, 2012 at 05:43 AM

product cost by sales order


hi each one of you,

i am new to sales order costing(my client wants this),

while converting plan order to production order with reference to sales order , i am getting an error,

please provide me solution 'very urgent', please help me,,,

error is as bellow,,

You cannot make an assignment to make-to-order stock

Message no. CO684


The component cannot be allocated to an individual stock because make-to-order production and engineer-to-order production cannot be executed with this order.

A possible cause is that you are trying to create an order with reference to a sales-order/project, where an account assignment to a sales order/project is not allowed in the settlement profile that is assigned to the chosen order type. This is inconsistant.

System Response

The following responses are possible:

  • Order processing is cancelled.
  • The system resets the special stock indicator back to the original value.


Choose another order type.

thank you