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Dec 24, 2012 at 03:29 PM

Advanced claims workflow : How to determine next approver level number ?


Hello !

I’m into development for advanced claims workflow.

The standard workflow(WS18900023) supports one level approval. How to make it for two level approval?

I’ve developed the code for two level agent determination in the BAdI "HRPBSIN_NEXT_APPROVER" and its method "GET_NEXT_APPROVER".

When the employee submits the claim from portal, the workflow triggers successfully and sends the work item to first approver. When the approver approves it, work item is not getting completed. Why is it so ? Is it because that next approver level hasn't been identified ?

Actually, the approver level has to be passed to the above BAdI. Because the above BAdI contains import parameter for approver level. For first level, the approval level is passed from the include program LHRPBSINNEWCLAIMSF04. For next level approval, where the approval level determination has to be configured or where the ABAP logic has to be programmed ? Is there any additional functional configuration required for multilevel approval ?

Please suggest for which I’d be grateful.