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Dec 24, 2012 at 06:51 AM

Settlement error in CO Production Order



I am working with CO production order. I have created one order for a material. I am booking some expense into this order via FB50L or FB60. I have not done any GR for this order as I dont want to.

Now I to want to settle this order to material. I have done the TECO for this order.

But when I am doing settlement run I am getting the following error. Kindly help.

Final delivery not entered for the order. It is not technically

Message no. KD258


If you want to settle a production order to a material, you must first either
enter the final delivery for it, or close (complete) it technically because
settlement leads to an update of the moving average price for the material. The
total delivery quantity is required for this. If the order is one which cannot
be delivered because, for example, it produces 100% scrap, you can close it
technically instead. Settlement is than to the price difference account.
the settlement period, no final delivery had been entered for this order, nor
had it been technically closed (completed). This means that you cannot settle


Before settling, either set the order to "Technically completed" or enter the
final delivery.