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Dec 24, 2012 at 06:47 AM

Replication of tracks from one NWDI to another


Hi All,

I am new to NWDI. Currently we have to move some tracks from old NWDI [for 7.0 portal] to a new one [for 7.3]. It was agreed upon to follow the procedure as per the link "" as all data and history has to be maintained. As per method desribed here ".. >> Choose the Change Management Service link. >> Choose the Landscape Configurator link and change the DTR URL in the track configuration of TRACK1 from SRCDTR to TGTDTR. >>To create a copy of TRACK1, choose Save As. Name the track TRK1CPY .." This "Save As" operation is throwing error as it cannot access the target DTR. Since we are performing the steps in old NWDI CMS, it should be able to access the new NWDI DTR [with separate CMS, SLD, CBS, DTR]. But cannot figure how to do it. Do we have to maintain same CMS Admin user id and paasowrd in the new NWDI as the old one??

Please help.

... -.-.