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Dec 24, 2012 at 06:05 AM

Perks against superannuation contrubition


Dear Guru

We have observed that perks against superannuation contribution is not calculating correctly,

when we run payroll in normal runs i.e. during the month of Oct we have run payroll with retro ( April to Nov-12 )

in that run system has calculated perks against supper superannuation from April to Nov 12 month,

and during the month of Dec when we execute the payroll in normal run for Dec (Without retro ) system has

considered Perks against superannuation contrubition for only one month amount instead of from April to Dec-12 .

Following is the details

Basic Salary is Rs 450000

Superannuation contrubition is 10 % from April to Nov = 4,50,000*8 = 3,60,000/

Eligible amount is 1,00,000/-

so considered the perks against superannuaiton 2,60,000/-

which is correct

But when we run in Dec with normal run System has consdiered perks against Superanuation is Rs 45000 only

i.e. for one month contrubition instead of 3,05,000 ( 4,50,000 *10 %* 9 month = 4,05,000-Eligible 1,00,000 = 3,05,000/-

Please suggest the same.