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Former Member
Aug 02, 2005 at 12:14 AM

Urgent: Message on "To Be delivered Status"



In production environment we have the following scenario,

SAP R/3 (Idoc) ---> XI (3.0, sp11) (J2EE Receiver File Adapter) --> Client FTP Server

This scenario was working fine for the past 3 months but suddenly since yesterday all the inbound messages are sitting on the "To be delivered" status in the MDT within the RWB. We have checked the username and passwords, created new adapter instance etc.

Restarted the entire system still now help.

We can access the http://<server>:<port>/MessagingSystem/receive/ with the xiafuser, and the messageText is "MessagingServlet is active".

Now, we want to access the http://<server>:<port>/MessagingSystem/receive/<Connection>/<protocol>.

Can somebody tell me whats the <connection> and protocol value will be pls.

Has anybody experienced similar issue or any idea where we should look at pls.

Any suggestion is much appreciated.