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Aug 01, 2005 at 11:32 PM



Hi Everyone,

I'm trying to send an asynchronous message with a tRFC.

As you may all recall, in order to send these type of messages you have to use tRFCs (transactional RFCs, the difference with regular RFCs is when calling them, it has to be called with the “IN BACKGROUND TASK” sentence), that are executed in XI (Destination).

The problem comes up when I need to send a particular message that needs to have a TABLE with some data on it. As it is known, a table can be used to import or to export data to/from the function module.

So, my particular problem resides when I send a message that has a table to export its data to XI and from there to other system, the tRFC keeps up waiting to receive the result data from the Table. And as I mentioned, this kind of messages are asynchronous messages, so a dump in thrown, and when it is called IN BACKGROUND TASK it does not executes the tRFC.

There must be a way in order to send TABLES in asynchronous (tRFC) messages with out having this problem.

Thank you all for your help.