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Dec 24, 2012 at 02:49 AM

WM Year End Activities- please advise


Dear Friends,

KIndly help me in knowing the year end activities is WM.What are the steps to be taken for year end activities and kindly mention with the T-codes..

based onunderstanding..wehave to taken care of MM,FI period closing and openings..number rangessettings for purchasing doc and Invenory Documents,Addition of new doc types...physical inventory in MM and closing open Purchasing and Invntory documents...inMM Side.

Kindly help me in WM side..please

Any number range to changed for TO, PCN ,inbound, outbound....

I think MM period closing will be aplicable to WM rt?

Please giveinformation on physical inventory in WM, As we areuisng cyclic couting,Normal physical counting..and thro' RF method of counting..

Any check to be taken for intermediate bins and putaway bin and picking bins...stock check, open orders,,,zero stock check and physical inventor related counts..

What are the changes /check related to master data in WM and org structure..

one important to handle the differences between Mm & WM stocks...

Any interfaces from third party to wm needs to be checked and viceversa from WM to external..

How Special Stocks needs to be handled.

Any check and actions needs to be done with respect to HU & SU...both are activated in our client..

What steps need to be taken in IM-HU,IM-Non HU, IM-WM,WM-HU...Please advise...

Any check needed in case of equipments. storage loc and all....Sorry for asking litle bit detailed..Anyhow i am more interested in this...

Kindly help me in this with full Details with T-codes...