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Dec 23, 2012 at 08:39 AM

Workflow not working for notification in Plant maintenance.



I have done following settings for Workflow in PM :

Activated BUS2038 for workflow task WS 20000317. This is for Event linkage

Under Agent assignement: For Task TS 20000545, I have assigned the agents as Department Org unit and few as Persons repsonsible.

Under Attirbutes for task, it is maintained as General Task.

This are the only settings I have done.

Now when I create a notification, In the Notification Screen: Responsibilities , Even If i dont assign any dept or person, the work item is recieved in every possible agent I have assigned in SPRO.I want it to be routed to only the responsible person assigned or to the dept which is assigned.

My doubt is : In notification config, do i need to maintain any rule for Notification processor under partner determination fucntion? What does it do?

Functionally If I assign the agent in notification screen under Repsonsibilites, will it work or I need to assign the agents under task.

Please help me out to achieve my requirement.