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Former Member
Dec 21, 2012 at 03:32 PM

Object Level Security


Hi ,

I am trying to set up object level security on few objects in the universe,

the criteria looking for is

1.These objects should not be visible for adhoc reporting to users

2.if any of these objects are already there in any canned reports,

they should run fine and display no data, when accessed by the restricted group.

we are in 4.0 sp 2.18

The path i followed is

set those objects to controlled access level in the universe and gave that group public access at universe security level in cmc,

so when ever i ran the report its giving me error .

The second method is using business security profile,

i restricted the group for set of objects.

As a result that particular group of users are not seeing the restricted objects

while creating new reports ,

but when trying to run a canned reports its throwing a message and not allowing to run

the report.

so can some one point out where i am doing wrong , or point to me some article which will help me in resolving this.

Thanks for your help,