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Dec 21, 2012 at 11:41 AM

Daily cancellations of background job for CORUAFWP


Hi Gurus and Peers,

I am investigating a "little" mystery regarding dependencies with the program CORUAFWP. Below I will guide you through the mystery.

1. We run the program CORUAFWP as a background job (RUAFWPB7) every 15 minutes. A couple of times a day the background job cancels with the error message RU 702 “An application for posting goods movements is already active”.

2. As it is shown in the job log, the next scheduled jobrun for RUAFWPB7 begins at 09:57:00 and finish at 10:01:24 as it is supposed to. This job can therefore not cause the cancellation of the job at 10:12:01, which lead me to the conclusion, that another job/program/application is affecting RUAFWPB7/CORUAFWP.

3. In general, the cancellation of RUAFWBP7 causes delayed updates in delivered quantities/goods movements, which in this case means, that the delivered quantity for material 9998092 first is updated at 10:27:46, and not at 10:12, which it is supposed to according to the scheduling plan (see cancellation time above).

4. If I look at the last lines in the program code for CORUAFWP it includes the form CORUAFWJ, which is quiet complex and build upon a lot of different function modules and relations to databases, tables etc. My question is therefore, which of these program(s), application(s), function module(s) or other relationships causes the error in RUAFWPB7?

Best regards,

Chris Kovács

Bang & Olufsen


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