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Former Member
Aug 01, 2005 at 07:24 PM

Can't get BOR Functions to work in .NET Connector 2.0



I've been using the .NET Connector to call function modules in VS 2003. Mostly using PM module related functions such as the ALM_PM* and ALM_ME series. I cannot get items from the BOR to get setup, as I understand it.

I've been working with BUS2007 (Maintenance Order) and when I drag it, only a proxy-looking field called "number" appears in the wsdl sheet. The proxy in the toolbox now contains "maintenance order", which when dragged to the form has the properties of a proxy (i.e. you can set the connection). I associated it with an SAPLogonDestination.

When I try to use it in the code, the only methods available are those of the connector (like open, close, etc.) but not of the BOR (such ExistenceCheck, Display, etc.).

How should I instantiate the BUS2007 object and relate it to the destination?