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Dec 21, 2012 at 11:24 AM

Bex Analyzer - Problem with Activation of Makros in a Workbook



When I open a planning workbook, the makros are not activatet when I open the workbook in the domaine of the customer.

When I open the same workbook with the same SAP-User in another domain (domaine of my company) the makros are activatet and are visible under the register card "show macros".

The Excel-settings are the same in both domaines, the setting "trust access to visual basic projects" is activated.

In both domaines we work with:

Windows 7 and Office 2010 (workbook has .xslx format)

SAP GUI 720 Patch 6

BI Addon Support Package 9

My windows user has local admin rights in both domaines.

Bevor I had installed the BI Addon Support Package 3 Patch 1.

Under this constellation in both domaines the macros were not activated when opening the workbook. When I changed to the design modus and back, the macros got activated und worked correctly - the same behaviour in both domaines. It worked with this workaround.

Then I upgraded to BI Addon Support 9 and the problem was solved, but only in my domaine.

In the domaine of the customer the macros are now not activated and even with a change in the desgin modus and back, the macros get not activated.

With the upgrade I have a difference behaviour with the activation of the macro.

Does anybody have an idea what i can try/check to solve the problem.

Regards Karin Janko