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Dec 21, 2012 at 09:07 AM

Issue with dates in report


Dear Experts,

I am facing issue with different dates used in same report,

Let me explain the situation,

I have a report built on a multiprovider which fetches date for key figure "Invoice Volume" from Billing cube.

This is based on Service Rendered Date. Corresponding month in report/multi provider is Service Rendered month (length 2).

Now user requirement is to add Delivery Volume and Quantity Ordered to the same report.

PFB the date fields in Multiprovider and underlying cubes,

Date corresponding to Delivery Volume is 0Calday (mapped to Delivery Date in backend flow) and date for Quantity ordered is Customer Requested date.

Billing Cube

Service Rendered Date

Service Rendered Month (length 2)

Sales Orders Cube

Customer Requested Date

Customer Requested Month (length 2)

Deliveries Cube

0Calday (mapped to Delivery Date)

0Calmonth (length 6)

User requires only one date input in variable screen and also one month characteristic in free chara to display report month wise.

Could you please let me know how can I get a common month and date field in report?

Using customer exit, I can fetch the input variable entry to filter any dates. But if I use the date field in report to display data say I use Service Rendered date in report to display data, Delivery Voulme and Quantity Ordered will be displayed under "Not Assigned". Same case if I display data using 0Calday or Customer Requested date.

One solution is to add a new date and month infoobjects to all cubes and map it to corresponding dates in the back end and add it to Multiprovider and report. But this requires a complete reload of historical data which is not practical.

May be there is a simple solution, but as of now I am not sure how to proceed on this.

I would appreciate if you could provide your valuable inputs on this issue.

Thanks in advance,