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Dec 21, 2012 at 06:35 AM

Issue in updating profitcenter from Datasource to cube


Our req is whenever new profit center or cost center is added in R/3, it should be reflected in BW side.

In our R/3 system, while creating cost center, it is mandatory to assign profit center but while creating profit center it is not mandatory to assign cost center.

In our cube, we have master data IO cost center and profit center is its nav attr.

So whenever a new cost center is added in R/3, after loading the cost center master data in BW, we will get both cost center and profit center.

But suppose a new profit center is added, it wont be reflected in cost center master data because for creating profit center, assigning cost center is not mandatory.

We cannot use master data profit center because it is not present in our cube.

How to proceed in this case?