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Dec 21, 2012 at 05:55 AM

Using offset for Navigational attribute


Dear All,

I have an issue in the routine while updating the cube from datasource.

In the transformation start routine i need to write a code such that, profitcenter = 123xxx456 now based on this xxx(number) i will populate the location

(the list is available with me).

now the issue is that profitcenter is a navigational attribute here of the IO Costcenter and i am not able to use offset for the particular Nav attr...

the flow is standard 0CO_OM_CCA_9 --> 0CCA_C11.

Note: I tried Using internal table, populating it with the masterdata of Costcenter and the updating one by one... but again an issue here is that...

only costcenter (and not Profcenter) is coming form the datasource and we donot want to use it in Where clause...because our flow is like.....

while creating a costcenter specifying a profit center is manadatory... but the viceversa is allowed.

and hence the data can have profitcenter = **somve value** but Costcenter = "blank" so if we use the costcenter in where clause we wont get the data of type profitcenter = **somve value** but Costcenter = "blank"... but we need this data as well.

Please help, and let me know incase of any ambiguity

Thanks & Regards,