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Dec 21, 2012 at 04:01 AM

DVM extractor step failing even though all prior steps were configured.



We are on Solman 7.1 SP7. I am configuring DVM for the Solution Manager itself. The issue, its failing at DVM extractors. The error message showing is, the Read RFC destination is not available.

I have tested the RFC's within Solman, they were created and functioning well.

I am not sure why activating DVM extractors is giving an issue. Please let me know, if you have suggestions to resolve the issue.

Below are the pictures:

Fig 1: Managed landscape shows the SOL ABAP RFC status as green,

Fig 2 shows the RFC destination for 000 and 200 client green and manually tested both authorizations and conection.

Fig 3 shows,with error message "No Read RFC destination found for system SOL (Client 200) and client (000).


Durga PK Saitana


Solman1.JPG (18.0 kB)
Solman2.JPG (18.3 kB)
Solman3.JPG (31.0 kB)