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Dec 20, 2012 at 11:30 PM

Saved background does not stay saved with report.


I am still using Crystal 8.5 with VB 6.0 SP6 (Don't laugh).

I am trying my hand at doing a scanned pre-printed form for invoicing in my A/R system. After wrestling with issue after issue, most of which were solved with a bit of creative googling, I seem to have hit one final brick wall. The invoice is perfect. But when I save the report, and then either attempt to access the report from within my VB application OR re-load Crystal, the scanned form image is not there, only an empty OLE container (in Crystal). Also, I noticed that the .Rpt file is a whopping 32 MB in size. My first obstacle to over come -might- also be the cause of my final unresolved issue. I now get that you need to edit your picture in PC Paint or some other program, NOT in Crystal. I was only resizing in Crystal, but apparently that was enough for me to get very strange results - it only half-worked and would often tell me that the page header plus footer was too big (page footer was both set to minimum AND suppressed). By scaling the scanned JPG file to 95% of original, it now prints like it should, with the form taking up the entire page (or almost, vertically), and uses the corresponding group header, detail, and group footer fields and aligns them just great. Except as before, when I save, it's gone, just an empty OLE container. At least now, though, it's just a matter of re-adding the picture back in again, no resizing required. Or, is that my problem? Do I need to even further reduce the size of the scanned form? I had tried 90% and it looked not so great. I can live with that if it works, but this trial and error stuff is making me lose the last of my hair. Is there some magic size in pixel or twips or whatever that the height and width cannot exceed? If so, it sure would be nice if the program told you that. Days of scanning google for this issue has indicated I am far from alone on this issue, but only one person seems to have solved it (and it appears in nearly every version of Crystal, not just 8.5) and they said they did it by reducing the size of the image, but no specifics. Another claimed that it was simply a difference between double-clicking on the open picture dialog versus clicking once then clicking open instead (the latter of which he claimed worked - made no difference for me).