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Dec 20, 2012 at 07:42 PM

Problem while deriving property of dynamic member and assigning value to it


Hello All,

I am new to BPC and i have been asked to work on BPC scripts. I appreciate your help as i am not able to create even basic script.

I will tell you about my data in BPC

Value Dimension Member Property

GL account 1006 E70

1000.00 RC RCDEF

My requirement is i have multiple gl account members in GL account dimension. Each member has property which can have value E70 or M70 or so on.

I have another dimension RC which has member RCDEF and value for this record is 1000.00 (This is just example)

I want my final record like this

Value Dimension Member Property(RC)

1000.00 GL account 1006 E70

1000.00 RC RCDEF

I am trying to create script for this which i have mentioned below.

*SELECT (%ACCSET%, "[ID]" , GL_ACCOUNT, "[RC]<>' ' ") // To select all accounts where RC(property is not initial)

*SELECT (%RC1%, "[RC]", GL_ACCOUNT,"[ID]='%ACCSET%'") // To select all values of properties in derived accounts







//*IS = %RC2%





i am getting error "UJK_VALIDATION_EXCEPTION:LINE 22 syntax error: " missing ; before statement""

Can you please tell me where i am going wrong?