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Dec 19, 2012 at 10:00 PM

iOS HWC modification


In the discussion i pointed out that I was able to hide the root view controller of the split view controller in the iPAD landscape mode when displaying a workflow app in the HWC.

The problem I am now facing is the width of the detail view controller is still fixed to only fill part of the screen. Some iOS developers claim this is a limitation of the splitview controller but i do not agree. The detail view controller is stretched to fill the screen when the default "No Workflow or Message Selected" view is populated. When the workflow is initiated it adds a subview to the same detail view but does not stretch to fill.

Any other Sybase or iOS folks out there have any clue why the workflow apps do not fill the screen? I contemplated removing the split view controller and replacing it with a single view but this would require completely re-architecting the sybase HWC app from scratch in xcode...the exact point i'm trying to avoid by developing with HWC to begin with. I'm quite surprised everyone is happy with the split view for HWC in iPad landscape. Anyone know if 2.2 fixed this?