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B1iF HTTP POST-call redirect error (302), but works in Postman

Hello all!

I have a problem regarding HTTP calls through B1iF to the Magento API. I've done alot of testing with Postman and all my tests are getting through without any errors.

When I started on the actual integration solution through the B1iF, my first call failed and I cant seem to find out why.

The call itself gets a HTTP 302-error (redirect) then the redirect calls are just bouncing on the service until it eventually it times out after 20 retries.

The exact same call is successful in Postman and other programs as well using different languages, but it does not work in the B1iF.

This is my call from the MsgLog in B1iF: msglog.txt

The output only shows a "Redirected too many times (20)" error so I tracked the call through Fiddler and got this data, it is executed in the following order:

1. post-request.txt -> post-response.txt

2-20 redirect-request.txt -> redirect-response.txt (This repeats until timeout)

Why does the integration behave this way?

The only thing that differs the calls made through Postman is that it stores Cookies in the header, a PHPSESSID. The call in Postman gets a 200 OK, and i get what i want from the service. This is the Postman call tracked with Fiddler:

1. post-request.txt -> post-response.txt

In my opionion the problem lies within Tomcat6 (using B1if version: 1.21.3), since it seems to be unable to store cookies. But maybe this isnt the error at all, its just what I can see differ in the calls i make.

Any help or pointers is much appreciated.

Regards Marcus

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1 Answer

  • Jan 05, 2017 at 12:18 PM

    I cant seem to edit my post since i get an internal error but i attached the wrong Postman files, this is the response and request:

    1. postman-request.txt -> postman-response.txt

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