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Dec 19, 2012 at 03:34 PM

Profit Center Re-organization and material documents


Dear Experts

in our environment, twice a year, there is Profit Center Re-organization.

Users will post special material documents indicated using BKTXT that this is a reorg material document.

In R/3, the Aging report will ignore these material documents.

My doubt are as follows :

1. In what way is such posting effecting the profit center re-org?

2. Why are these material docs excluded in Aging calculation ? Why post them in the first place?

If ignored, would not the valuations in these postings be ignored too?

There are Credit or debit entries from these postings, how should BI handle these records?

In R/3, the Aging report selects only the 'S' (credit / debit indicator value) and so the 'H' entries are automatically ignored.

R/3 Aging report simply ignores such 'S' entries in the Aging calculation.

But in BI, we are selecting both the 'H' and 'S'.

My problem is it seems that in BI, to get the same result, I need to identify all the H and S entries. The 'S' entries I can identify with the BKTXT value. But how to identify the relevant 'H' entries that do not have the BKTXT indicated?

Please advise.