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Dec 19, 2012 at 12:37 PM

Part II Reverse Issue


Hi Gurus,

Please refer given process done for the excise by user which need to correct.

Purchase order Creation : ME21N

MIGO : Goods Receipt done with Part II - 5XXXXXXXXX, Excise Invoice Reference no : A001, Part II Accounting Document : 1000001

MIGO : Goods Receipt Reverse(So Part I Reversed automatically)

Note: User has not reversed Part II through J1IEX,

MIGO : User has done new GR and Part I and Part II in MIGO - 5XXXXXXXXX with different Invoice no : B001, Part II Accounting Document : 1000002

(For the same material)

MIRO : Vendor invoice posted.

Since Part II not reversed in the system: 1000001, Cenvat clearing account not cleared(Become Zero). So i want to cancel the Part II 1000001.

I have tried given transaction in the system but not able to reverse the part II

1) Transaction J1IEX : I have tried to post the excise invoice(reverse) with vendor excise invoice : A001

Error : No part I exist for availing credit : Message No. 4F112 - Since Goods Receipt cancelled it is not possible to reverse it

2) Transaction J1IEX : I have tried to Cancel the excise invoice with vendor excise invoice : A001

Error : Reverse the availed Cenvat credit befor cancelling excise invoice : Message No. 4F148

Since we don't want to post FI Manual JV.

Is there any other solution for that ?

Can we update CIN table for reverse entry ? If yes Which table we need to edit ?

Thanks In Advance,

Ashish Panchal