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Dec 18, 2012 at 10:19 PM

GRC 10 PC SP10 Customizing for Case error


Hi all,

I'm customizng the

Process Control -> Cases -> Check Customizing for Case


but it displaying some of itens in red, and even on client 000, thew same error

the isntruction sayus "

Compare the settings in the current client with the settings in delivery client 000. For this, use the

Customizing Cross-System Viewer (transaction SCU0), which you can call by choosing the

Customizing pushbutton. Make any necessary adjustments to the settings in the current client, or

transfer the settings again from the delivery client to the current client (see SAP Note 753547).

If the settings in the delivery client also contain errors, there would appear to be an error in the

delivery. In this case, contact SAP Support."

how can I request the Sap support?

openning a message?