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Dec 18, 2012 at 08:05 PM

In List prompt value selection


Hi - I'm a new webi user and have a question-

On one of my queries I have a prompt with an in list constraint. When I run the query and the prompt pops open, you can either "Type a value" or select a value from the selection box. The problem is that if you have a selected value in the box, if you decide to type in a value and hit the ">" arrow to enter the value, both the enterred value and the unintended value from the box are moved over.

I noticed the only way to deselect the box value is to hold Ctrl while clicking it again. It may not seem very inconvenient for small reports but we are concerned about user error while creating larger reports.

Is there any way to configure my prompt to unfocus (or deselect) from one when selecting values from the other ("Type a value" input field and selection box being the choices).