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Former Member
Dec 18, 2012 at 07:32 PM

Required Shipping Date


I'm looking to enter ( or prefer the system to estimate ) a required shipping date for a sales order to arrive on the customers need date. In essence there would be a 'required ship date' to allow for transit time and meet the customer required delivery date.

For example; The customer requires the shipment to arrive on 1/15/xx and I enter that as delivery date on the sales order. If shipping via UPS the system would (automatically) allow for 10 days of shipping (as entered in the setup in the shipment method table for UPS) and the 'required ship date' would then be 1/5/xx. This 1/5/xx date would thereby be the due date for any production order or picking ticket.

If instead the shipment method changes to UPS Red and 2 days is entered in the table, then the 'required shipment date' would be 1/13/xx.

I've seen this as standard funcitonality in other systems, has anyone worked around this missing funcitonality? or am I missing it.