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Dec 18, 2012 at 02:12 PM

Dilema: SP5 vs SP4 Patch 8?


Hi all,

We are currently on 4.0 Release (SP4 with no patch applied) and we are going to implement mobile-based developments (iOS 4.3.x client). We have done some tests that as expected have shown several issues and non-supported capabilities in the current release. Initially we planned to patch the platform because some of the found issues (e.g: ADAPT01661699) are fixed in SP4 Patch 8. On the other side we have just confirmed that some of the non-yet supported capabilities that we required (e.g: hyperlinks in Crystal Reports) are already included in the recently release Service Pack 5.

As far as I know, patch are only acumulatives over the same SP (so no sense to apply Patch 8 over SP5). On the other side I have read (I don't remember where) that this new Service Pack (SP5) does not contain the fixed issues of latests SP 5 patches, so errors like ADAPT01661699 would persist in SP5 Could some confiirm that?

If yes, what would be the recommended option? Does it SAP plan to provide patches to existing issues (like ADAPT01661699) in SP5?