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Dec 18, 2012 at 02:22 PM

Webdynpro (abap): Problem with WDLIGHTSPEED and Firefox Browser; UCF_TimeTrigger



We recently did some program corrections regarding our custom web applications in Student Lifecycle Management.This included the parameter WDLIGHTSPEED=X to be set as a system wide default. Also there were some minor changes regarding custom web-navigation (URL-concatenation etc.).

Now we are facing the fault, that whenever a user (after logging into our system) calls a webdynpro-application for the first time in a web-session WITH FIREFOX the wait-animation (loading_ani.gif) is shown "endlessly"

Furthermore no active UI-Element is available because the loading-Animation is modally. This error does not occur when using Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Apple Safari...

The only known way to circumnavigate in Firefox is to use the reload-button of the browser. Afterwards everything seems to work as desired.

Debugging the Firefox-Workflow, it seems that a critical javascript-error causes this effect. The error message reads like

ReferenceError: UCF_TimeTrigger is not defined @ http://(...)/sap/public/bc/ur/nw7/js/lightspeed.js (...).

In fact the Javascript defining the function UCF_TimeTrigger has been loaded successfully by the browser before the error occurs.

GET http://(...)/sap/public/bc/ur/nw7/js/classes/TimeTrigger.js

Switching off WDLIGHTSPEED as system wide default does not solve the issue.

Is this a known bug to anyone else? I could not find any helpful note in the SAP marketplace - BTW there are so many somehow related notes regarding browser behaviour that I can not find the right thread...

Any suggestions are welcome.

Thanx in advance,



loading_ani.gif (17.4 kB)
loading_ani.gif (17.4 kB)