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Dec 18, 2012 at 10:51 AM

Partial delivery for a sales order with two items-


I need your help.

Our requirement is not creating a delivery if all the sales order can´t be delivered in only one outbound delivery . For example, there is a sales order with two items. One can be delivered because there is stock and the second one can´t be delivered because there is no stock available,

I filled the following data/fields:

-The order combination is marked in the sales order.

-The field Part.dlv./item is filled with C in the two sales items.

-I checked the availabilty check for the entire document and the first item can be confirmed.

If I try to create the outbound delivery, it can be created for the first item due to the message VL 062 "Full delivery is required" only works for item not for the whole sales order document.We need not to create the delivery until the two items can be available.

Is it possible not creating the outbound delivery without all the items of the sales orders can be delivered in an unique outbound delivery?

Thanks in advance.