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Dec 18, 2012 at 07:35 AM

Webdynpro development migration from NW 7.0 to 7.3


Hi Experts,

We had a webdynpro for JAVA application running in NW7.0 which is everything to do with KMC APIs.. Now I am migration the same application from NW7.0 to NW 7.3 through NWDS 7.3.

I used NWDI 7.0 for deploying in the server. All the SC's I have added in the track is 7.3 version. During development I didnt face any issues. I created a seperate DC's for external library and added to the dependencies of my main application DC. The only step I missed out is creating the "Sharing Reference" which I did in 7.0 but now in 7.3 it got depricated. When I deploy and run my application, I get the following error. I dont know how to check and proceed. Kindly suggest some ideas to check.

Error Message :


java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.sapportals.wcm.repository.IResourceContext ------------------------- Loader Info ------------------------- ClassLoader name: [] Loader hash code: 2f925b Living status: alive Direct parent loaders: [system:Frame] [interface:webservices] [interface:cross] [interface:security] [interface:transactionext] [library:webservices_lib] [library:opensql] [library:jms] [library:ejb20] [service:p4] [service:ejb] [service:servlet_jsp] [] [service:tc~je~webservices~api] [service:tc~je~webcontainer~public~api] [library:tc~bl~logging~api] [library:tc~bl~exception~lib] [] [library:tc~je~opensql~api] [library:tc~je~webservices~lib] Resources: /usr/sap/SYS/J00/j2ee/cluster/apps/ /usr/sap/SYS/J00/j2ee/cluster/apps/ ---------------------------------------------------------------


Please throw some light on this issue.