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Dec 18, 2012 at 05:57 AM

Issues while a program triggering a process chain


Dear Experts,

We have created a process chain with about 10 parallel processes in level 1 and 3 more in level 2. When we execute it manually it works fine.

Also we have a program which is uesd to trigger all Proces chains in the system . It works fine with other process chains. But when the above mentioned process chain is triggered by it we face several issues. At times, it stops just after completing the START process, at times it completes few process in level 1 , at times it completes all process in level and does not move to level 2 process and at times all the processes are complteed but the status doesnt change to green. We are not sure if the issue is due to process chain or the program or something else.

Please help us with your inputs.

Thanks in advance !!!!