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Aug 01, 2005 at 08:12 AM

How to get new controller instance instead of a cached one?



I have the following problem. I am working on a stateful mvc application. You can search for items and then click on a button which allows you to see the details of an item in a new window and it is possible to modify it.

I use standard javascript code to open the details windows:"", "MyFirstWindow");

This works fine. It opens the first window. The item controller is called for the first time and the do_init method will be executed.

Now, I open a second window with this code:"", "MySecondWindow");

Unfortunately the framework will not create a second controller instance for the second window. It will use the already existing item controller (the do_init method will not be called).

Now, I have two windows open which both use the same controller instance.

So my question is: Is there the possibility to tell the framework that I need a new item controller instance for every new window?

I already checked various official url sap-parameters but did not find anything useful.