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Dec 17, 2012 at 07:10 PM

Cross tab embedded summary - rows show same result



I have a CR cross tab with an Embedded Summary (ES from here out) that does a calculation showing me a result that is correct in calculation, but the same result shows for every row (user), whereas I'm looking for it to differentiate by row (user). Here is my best description of the situations, let me know (for anyone reviewing) if you need more detail.

My ES formula is --> If (Count ({v_QA_CoachingLog.CSA}, {})=0 or {#SuccessRate}=0) then 0 else

{#SuccessRate} / Count ({v_QA_CoachingLog.CSA}, {}) *100

I have 2 groups, the first is on "coach", in ascending order. The 2nd is by "submitted", which are dates that a form is submitted.

I have 1 running total, which counts the # of "submitted", is evaluated by a formula looking for 2 keys --> {v_QA_CoachingLog.criteria} = 3 or {v_QA_CoachingLog.criteria} = 7, and groups by "coach".

So again my ES formula works in the cross tab, however the same result shows for all users. I have my Group (coach) in the GH and other fields in the GF (a distinct count, count, and 2 formulas). The 2 formulas are --> Count ({v_QA_CoachingLog.CSA}, {}) / DistinctCount ({v_QA_CoachingLog.submitted}, {}) and the 2nd is --> {#SuccessRate} / (Count ({v_QA_CoachingLog.CSA}, {}) *100).

This seems "simple" to me, but I cannot figure out why the ES shows the same for all users when everything else in the CT is "clean", and my GH/GF data validates ok against my DB.

Appreciate any insights... thank you.