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Dec 17, 2012 at 01:14 PM

Problem in handling ABAP class instances in workflow?


I have an issue using ABAP classes in workflow. I just can't see why some attributes lose their values.

The workflow handles an invoice. A custom ABAP class represents the invoice in the workflow container.

I pass the invoice object from the wf to the task in the binding. In the task container, I have a container element CO_INVOICE that matches the method's CHANGING parameter CO_INVOICE. The method does something, then sets the invoice object's public STATUS attribute to PARKED. When I look at the results from wf log, I see the object's STATUS attribute is initial. When I test the method directly in SE80, without using the wf, the status is correctly set to PARKED. It looks as if wf loses the attribute's value. However, the key attributes (invoice number, fiscal year) are correct.

We're running 7.02.