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Dec 17, 2012 at 12:19 PM

Change Plan data (FMPLCPD) - asking for fund and functional area



In my FM area 1000, I have configured to use only fund center and commitment item for budget. But while entering change (create) plan data using FMPLCPD, the system throws a message

Enter a value in the field "Functional Area"

Message no. K9013

If i enter the functional area (which i dont want to use since i am not using functional area for account assignment), it asks for fund with the same message number. I have tried all the layouts namely

0SAPFMPL01 A Budget Type

0SAPFMPL02 Formula

0SAPFMPL03 Several Budget Types

0SAPFMPL04 Version Comparison



SAPFMPL01 A Budget Type

SAPFMPL02 Formula

SAPFMPL03 Several Budget Types

SAPFMPL04 Version Comparison

SAPFMPL05 Annual comparison

But the error remains for all layouts.

How to get rid of this message.?

Note that it is not an error message but still the system does not proceed to the next screen.