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Dec 17, 2012 at 08:35 AM

Issue in FM AVC


Hi :

I am testing a posting in FI , trying to use Grant budget, derivation strategy is deriving all assignment correctly, CI/FC are derived also. There no FM-GM integration for this particular grant hence no budget has been transferred in FM-BCS. While posting in FI , i am getting FM AVC error, Grant is real and has a released budget in it , if there is no FM-GM integration then i guess system should allow user to post budget consumption in FI without demanding him to update the corresponding budget in FC/CI . How can i avoid this from happening, to avoid this i tried to override standard tolerance profile by tolerance profile with 999 usage% . I want system not to check budget in FC/CI if the assignment Fund belongs to an External fund type. How can i make it happen . Please guide me.