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Former Member
Dec 14, 2012 at 01:41 PM

UDV cannot be used on just One Item or Business Partner Property


I want to assign a user-defined value for only 1 Item or Business Partner Property but the UDV is assigning the value to all 64 properties .


1. Added user-defined 1 character field (Y/N flag) lto the Item Group table OITB. Field name is U_CommYN

2. Created query.

SELECT T0.U_CommYN FROM OITB T0 where T0.ItmsGrpCod = $[$39.0.0]

3. Highlighted Property number 1 on the Item Master Data maintenance screen.

4. Set up User-Defined Value for Property number 1 as follows:

Search in Existing User-Defined Values according to Saved Query

Auto Refresh when Item Group field changes

Display Saved User-Defined Values


When I select an Item Group that has the value U_CommYN = Y, all 64 Item Properties are set to 'Y'.

I only highlighted Item Property 1.

Expected Result:

Item Property 1 should be set to 'Y' and the other 63 Properties should be left blank as these fields were not highlighted when I set up the UDV.

Has anyone faced this situation and is there a solution that I can use to resolve this?

Thank you!