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Former Member
Dec 14, 2012 at 11:02 AM

Calendar Year/Month sorting issue


By default Calendar Year/Month field is not getting sorted, I have tried creating few formula variables but I couldn't make it. I am using this object in graph also so it affects that too.

For example:

Calendar Year/Month has values 10/2011 11/2011 12/2011 01/2012 02/2012 .......10/2012 11/2012 12/2012 but when I include this object in WebI it shows like this 01/2012 02/2012 ..................10/2011 10/2012 11/2011 11/2012 12/2011 12/2012. Drawing graph was also wrong as the data marked in the sequence mentioned.

Calendar Year/Month is in character data type which is causing this issue i.e not able to sort

Can anyone suggest me to overcome this ..