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Dec 14, 2012 at 09:04 AM

Comparing data in the infocube vs DSO


Hi experts,

We would like to ask for your help deleting data from a infocube.

We have a data flow with:
1 DSO of writing optimized (all records from the source system reach it)
1 DSO standard
1 Infocube.

--> The first load is always fine.

--> Second load.

If a record is deleted in ECC, then the behaviour would be the following:
1 DSO of writing optimized --> It keeps the old record and the reversal --> It is fine.
1 DSO standard --> After the reversal got the ODS, it disappear both (no way to find them) --> It is fine.
1 Infocube -> The reversal make all key figures but one as null. The one that is not null, got duplicated in value.

To solve this issue in the data stored cube, we perform selective deletion

We thought about an ABAP program which compares DSO vs Infocube, and deletes the records not found in the DSO, but it would take long time. Any idea about how delete those records in the infocube without impacting the performance so much?

Thank you!!