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Dec 13, 2012 at 09:42 PM

Ending asynchronous process - result message 'message in processing'


Hello everybody,

I have a scenario in which I have three steps:

  1. responsible for creating a list of docs to be transferred to the other B1 system. This steps contains also a part responsible for reading the docs one by one from the source B1 system and putting them to the internal queue. I want to have control over every single document to be transferred. Because the whole scenario is supposed to be activated by timer I set 'Void' as Inbound channel and because of internal queue I set 'Void' as outbound channel.
  2. responsible for taking documents one by one from the internal queue and for gathering other details of documents which are to be written to the destination system. Also this step contains an atom 'B1 object' - to write document to the destinantion system. After calling 'B1 object' I want to be able to check the result and write to log table. This step also has 'Void' set as inbound and outbound channel.
  3. the last one is responsible for error handling.

Checking 'Message Log' I found that my scenario never gets out of processing state and only the first step shows up. Thus my error handling is useless. It's not a very big problem for me but I'd like to learn what is the reason for that. One of the previous versions had outbound channel set to 'Sap Business One'. This worked fine and transaction were ending up with success or failure. I also checked a variant with 'Database' as an outbound channel but this resulted in the very same behaviour as my current, 'never-ending' transactions.

How can I end my transaction somehow? How can I see my second step in 'Message Log'?


I'm using 1.10.0 version.

Best regards,