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Dec 13, 2012 at 10:24 PM

Loading Data from BW Info Object to BPC Dimension BPC 10.0


Hi Team,

We have a typical scenario

BW 7.0 where all the FI data is residing

BW 7.3 which is a fresh installation & has BPC 10.0

Going Fast forward

I created a Dimension call ZPLANT (Type U : User defined) in BPC Web Front end

I generated Export Datasource for 0Plant in BW 7.0

Replicated the export DS in BW 7.3 , so got 80ZPLANTM & 80ZPLANTM

In Tcode RSA1 in BW 7.3

I see the ZPLANT - /CPMB/X3D8KZO

Dimension in the test Environment Shell That I created

I created transformation from 80ZPLANTM to Attribute

Created Infopackage , executed , got 221 records

Created DTP for Attribute and Executed.

Got 221 records loaded

I see the records by going to Maintain Master data in BW 7.3 for the ZPLANT Dimension.

When I go in the BPC front end I am not able to see the data

Any reason where am I missing some thing

Also Can I proceed with this way of loading data from BW server to another BW server for BPC purposes



BW BPC.jpg (62.0 kB)